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About us

Lahdenpohja Plywood Mill “Bumex” is a manufacturer of Russian birch plywood, a variety of cut-to-size articles and molded plywood furniture.

The origins of the Company date back to 1996. It was initially set up to operate as an international trader of paper and paper articles manufactured by several Russian paper Mills. In 1998 the Company became the owner of Lahdenpohja Plywood Mill and plywood production has become its major activity. The next six years were marked by steady growth and expansion. The monthly manufactured volume of plywood has grown from 800 cubic meters in 1998 to 2500 cubic meters in 2004.

Under the program of Company development we have also started several new production lines including cut-to-size plywood components produced to our customers’ specific requirements and molded residential furniture currently represented by a range of models of stools, foot-stools, arm-chairs and other articles. By dedicating our company to quality and service, we have become one of the top-ranking Russian plywood manufacturers represented worldwide.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals works in partnership with our customers to advance their businesses, because we know that their success means our success.