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Cut-to-size plywood components & Plywood

We manufacture cut-to-size plywood components of various shapes required by our customers, using either regular crossply or unidirectional plywood. Along with just blanks we also produce a range of value-added products, such as drawer sides, cabinet parts etc. If necessary, these items may have grooves, bullnose, bores. Depending on the order, the parts are finished/unfinished.



The major product of the Company is whole-birch plywood.

GOST (state standard) 3916.1-96
Type FK (interior bonding)
Emission class E1
Format 5' x 5' / 1525 x 1525 mm, conventional fallers and SHOP grade
Thickness 3 to 21 mm
Packing in crates about 400 mm in height, protected on all sides with low-grade 4-5 mm thick plywood