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Grade IV (C)

One-piece or joint utility grade face veneer available both sanded and unsanded. Recommended for crating, dust panels and other usages where construction and strength are important factors and appearance is of no importance.

Categories of defects Permitted
Sound intergrown knots Permitted
Other knots and knot holes Permitted up to an individual maximum diameter of 40 mm
Repaired Defects (inserts) Permitted
Double Inserts Permitted
Closed checks Permitted
Open checks (patched) Permitted for an individual maximum width up to 10 mm
Irregularities in the structure of the wood Permitted
Hearth and discoloration Permitted
Defects at the edges due to sanding or sawing Permitted up to 5 mm from the edge
Glue penetration Permitted
Sanding through Permitted
Hollows, bumps, imprints, roughness Permitted
Inner piles veneer overlapping Permitted